#1 Bouldering & Climbing App

This is the best app to track your climbing and boulder sessions automatically. Redpoint gives you detailed overview and feedback on your ascents. Use your Apple Watch (Ultra) or iPhone as a fitness tracker for bouldering and climbing. Contribute your climbing session to closing your daily rings! Workouts are stored in HealthKit and therefore visible in the Health app and Workouts app as well.

Climbing Tracking on Apple Watch
and Apple Watch Ultra

Automatic Logbook of Climbed Routes

Redpoint uses the barometric sensor in your Apple Watch or iPhone to auto-detect climbed routes and altitudes.

Full HealthKit + Apple Watch Integration

Redpoint is fully integrated with Apple‘s HealthKit and Apple Watch. All climbing activity contributes to closing your rings.

All Climbing Disciplines Supported

Bouldering, Top Rope, Sport Climbing, Trad Climbing, Via Ferrata, Deep Water Soloing (Psicobloc), Aid Climbing. It‘s all there.

For climbers, by climbers

Redpoint is developed by climbers, and therefore offers many climbing-specific extras: such as the 15 different grading scales…and you can even customize them.

Tick Type Logging

It‘s not only about the grade, it‘s also about the way you‘ve accomplished a route: Flash, Lead, Onsight, Repeat, Red point, Pink point…we have you covered!

Long Term Analysis

Track your climbing sessions over time, and watch how you become better, get motivated by the stats, and continue your journey!

“Truly The Best Climbing App!“

“This is one of the best fitness tracking apps I’ve ever used across any discipline. The on-device data analysis and care that the developer has put into data privacy is amazing; I wish it was the standard everywhere.“

– by (AppStore Review)

Grading Systems

Redpoint offers a wide variety of pre-defnied grading-scales such as Hueco, UIAA, YDS, Fontainebleau…but many bouldering gyms offer their own, color-coded scales. No problem, you can simply add them in Redpoint.

theCrag Integration

1,188,045 routes on your wrist

theCrag is the largest collaborative rock climbing & bouldering platform. It helps you to find climbing areas, guidebooks & climbing partners, tick & analyze your climbs, create topos
and stay up-to-date on your favourite crags.

Sign into your theCrag account in Redpoint to contribute all climbing activity to your theCrag account automatically.

Learn more about our partnership 〉

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Fully optimized for Apple Watch Ultra

With Apple Watch Ultra, you can log ascents, difficulty, and tick type without touching the screen with your chalky post-climb hands. We’re taking full advantage of the new capabilities of the amazing Apple Watch Ultra.

“A reason in itself to own an Apple Watch.”

Redpoint is simply my favorite thing on my Watch.“

– by Jaysar2 (AppStore Review)

Still not convinced?

You can download Redpoint for free!